Poolhouse is home to the beloved Dogbook, Catbook, and Horsebook Apps. We just launched the fastest growing dog site in the world: 3MillionDogs.com.

Our Philosophy.

Nothing can take you away from your cell phone filled, 24 Hour News, traffic-at-a-standstill, can’t stand your boss, over the top stress filled life, like a Dog. Dogs are there for us. Always. That’s why we’re all about doing every thing possible to return the favor.

Dogbook. Thanking Dogs Daily.

We're Cat Lovers and we are One Million Strong. We know cats are different and that's exactly what makes them so special. Catbook is our Clubhouse for meeting up with fellow Cat lovers, keeping a wonderfully unique diary of our Cat's lives, sharing news, stories, and lots more. We even have a daily blog that is read by over a million Cat fans per week.

We'd love to have you join our passionate posse of friends of the feline. Cats, the best companion of all time.

The most majestic of Animals on the planet deserves their own Fan Club and this is it: Horsebook. We're a passionate and unique community of over 135,000 Horse loving individuals that get together to share pictures, stories, adventures and just the pure joy of the sport. We even have our own daily blog with over 30,000 readers from around the World.

Join us, we'd love to meet you and your wonderful Equine Friend.